The update your Arabic IPTV Instructions on this post are valid for the following models :  Black or gold and model 5 and 6 . All Super Arab gold and white . JOY Box or Welcome gold Box . great bee iptv receiver .   MXQ Pro, MBox and other android […]

Try this if you need to pair your remote with TV

In the post we will show you 2 easy steps to install iptv on your Chromecast 1. after connecting it to tv select the APPS tab on top 2. Select Search bar and type the name of the IPTV player on the search bar, player name can be recommended by our agent , […]

If you use a Sony smart tv you can install IPTV Stream Player once installed the app message our agent .

purple iptv played is a media player that is available on google play store and some smart tvs , it is an easy to use player all you need is login credentials to enjoy any of our packages on it .once you install the app you can purchase the service […]

welcome to this post where we can show you how to get the BEST IPTV service for iPhone or iPad .its can easily be done in 2 steps :1- install the app from App Store , app link is here : APP STORE download link 2- buy the service activation […]

In this post we will walk you through the steps on How to edit portal on Informir mag box. these steps are the same on all models Infomir MAG 250, MAG 254, MAG 322 and the MAG 420 . Use your remote control directional buttons to scroll left to highlight […]

Apple TV is an other beautiful media player and microconsole manufactured by the giant company Apple, in this post we will show you ho to INSTALL IPTV ON APPLE TV . Apple TV users already know the quality and performance that it provides, it was launched on 2006 starting with 1st generation, and we […]

Guide for installing ROKU Channel to your ROKU Device Please follow below steps to install ROKU channel in your ROKU device via side-loading method Note: This will remove any already installed side loaded channel. As at a time only ONE side loaded channel can be installed as per ROKU. Pre-requisites: You […]

Hello ! You need to renew super Arab iptv receiver that has expire ? Lost the number of your seller or the number is no longer in service ? we are here for you, we will show you steps that you need to do to renew super Arab iptv and […]

In this post we will walk in 10 steps, step by step on How To Install IPTV On Fire stick . If for any reason you can’t complete the steps or you find it difficult, we can offer you a stick that comes ready to use, you can GET THAT HERE . […]