How can I renew my super Arab IPTV box ?

Hello ! You need to renew super Arab iptv receiver that has expire ?

Lost the number of your seller or the number is no longer in service ?

we are here for you, we will show you steps that you need to do to renew super Arab iptv and get back in service .

if at any point you needed help please feel free to Text our agents .

PLZ know that we won’t be able to help you with a service that was purchased elsewhere if it stops, for instance if you still have service on it but it doesn’t work, we can’t help if the service was not purchased from us.

our guarantee is for services that was purchased with us on this website.

steps to renew super Arab tv box :

super Arab iptv

1 – if yours is not asking for a card ID, then you need to update the app version first.

To do the update follow the steps as instructed in this post here

2- once done with the update send a picture of the message on screen to our agent WhatsApp 8634562011.

message on screen should ask for a card ID or says that device is blocked, if the message is not any of those means you didn’t follow instructions, go back and redo the steps.

The picture message will say the service has finished and that you need a card id, or it may say that your stb is blocked.

3- Make the payment here to get the code, our agent will send you a code, just type it in at your screen and your all set .


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