How to update your Arabic iptv box

The update your Arabic IPTV Instructions on this post are valid for the following models :

  •  Black or gold and model 5 and 6 .
  • All Super Arab gold and white .
  • JOY Box or Welcome gold Box .
  • great bee iptv receiver .  
  • MXQ Pro, MBox and other android devices.

Update your arabic IPTV is necessary for some models before  renewal .

If your box stoped working with a no signal message on tv then you just need new one as its damaged and this won’t help, to get a new box clique here.

When the box does not turn on anymore, that means it has internal damage, and this won’t help .

Steps to do to install updated app :

I- remove the old app : 

     1- select settings (MBOX settings )from under extra 
        2-select other
          3-select more settings 
            4-select apps
               5-select IPTV and do uninstall then do ok .

Note : on newer devices just select setting then app then iptv and do uninstall .

II – Install the new updated app 

1- go to chrome or browser form under extra, if the browse or chrome are not responding : do a factory reset then restart the steps ( factory reset is under box setting as data factory reset ).
2- select the top bar (not the search bar) and type in this link : 

Make sure it’s typed correctly before you select enter or go , once done that, a message will come on the screen says started downloading, or you will notice a small loading sign on top left corner .

3- once download finish it may ask if you like to install just do install .

once finished select open and you’re done .

if it didn’t ask  to install then proceed to step 4.

4- go back under Extras, find apk installer or appinstaller, select it then select local and iptv then do install . 

once the install finished select open and your all done.

If you haven’t used your arabic iptv for long , you may find that it has expired once you update . To pay for renewal clique here .

you may see these steps done in this video .

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