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Trex iptv subscription is a premium server with high up time and excellent picture quality.

It offer a wide range of countries channels and VODs from around the world.

Over 22000 channel and thousand of on demands to enjoy .

Adult contents are available upon request .

Our agents can customize the package for your with the countries you desire .

Trex server has a great support team behind it that work with us on any request you have, if it’s missing a channel a movie or a show just let us know and it will get added ASAP .

We put Trex iptv Subscription on a 6 month testing before we started offering it for sale.

during the testing process, Trex iptv server showed great ratings that allow us to list it to our valued customers.

The account provided is for a single device use only , using it on multiple devices will result in interruptions and buffering then block .

Testing : Free is not available on this package, you may start with 1 month if new to this .

Activation : to get your account activated after purchase just message our WhatsApp number .

Payment : add to cart and checkout, you can use amazon (recommended), PayPal or any credit card.

Additional payment options are available ( Cashapp, wise, Venmo, Etransfer, Interac ..)

If you have any question please message our support .

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trex iptv subscription

Trex iptv subscription

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