Account reactivation , miscellaneous dues


please pay here only if our agent asked you .




info of this page may not apply to you , if you have been asked to pay this invoice for other reasons you can proceed .

Please do not buy this Account transfer, country re-assign, package modification service unless you were asked to do so .

You might be instructed to pay this account reactivation or country re-assign (1 time fee) in the following cases :


  • you have a balance or dues for shipping , taxes or duties 
  • if you need to transfer the account form a device to another (if device is ours its free) .
  • your device got banned due to a miss use of the service.
  • you need to modify your package after activation (all request are free prior to activation or shipping).
  • if you didn’t buy from us but need us to help you with your device technical support 

For security reasons, some of our servers do lock the service to the country that was initially assign to and can not work else where, that make it safe against any hackers and make performance at it best. therefore when customer changes the country we require a 1 time fee to re-assign the new country to the server .

even that we tell our customers that buys our codes or accounts that they are for a 1 device use only, some of them do not follow this policy and try to use it in multiple devices. that result in the account getting blocked or banned.

in some cases we can perform these services for free, but in others we may require a small fee.

if you have a question please contact us.


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Account reactivation , miscellaneous dues