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Show your appreciation for the support team by sending a little tip .

if you are out of warranty or support time buy some time and this money goes directly to support team.

you need help trouble shooting a problem or you used support more often and they asked you to buy more time, the is for you.

our support team is paid a commission on every case they assisted with , if they determine that you need to pay them more for their time please use this page to reward them for the effort .

cases where you may be asked to buy more support time :

1- agent provided the help needed and answer your technical question but keeper asking unnecessary questions, taking the agent time and effort , you will be asked to buy support time .

2- you are not our customer but needed help with something not related to our product .

3- Just needed to chat with someone, if agent has time , pay them for it and they won’t mid chatting with you lol.

This also for tipping our support team for there hard work, so please send them a little thank you to encourage them for better support .

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